Terms and conditions

July 2018

Purpose of these terms and conditions and for whom?
We think it is important that you know what you can expect when you buy a product at OmYmO. These terms and conditions contain agreements between you and us.

When in these terms and conditions and on the websites www.OmYmO.com, , we use “OmYmO”, “we” or “us” and “our”, we mean OmYmO. When we use “I”, “you”, “your” or “yours” in these terms and conditions, we mean the person who buys one or more products from us.

OmYmO is a brand name owned by Dresselberg B.V. this is a company incorporated under Dutch law.

Dresselberg B.V.
Sparresholm 41, 2133 BH Hoofddorp

The Netherlands

Customer service: via contact form, click here Registered with the Chamber of Commerce under number 71446427

1. About these terms and conditions
• These terms and conditions can be viewed by anyone via the homepage www.OmYmO.com.
• If there is a difference between the English text and a translated version, the English text is binding;
• If you would like a printed version of these terms and conditions, please ask us for it and we will send it to you by e-mail.

2. When do these terms and conditions apply?
• These terms and conditions apply to all OmYmO products that are offered, purchased and delivered via the website;
• By ordering OmYmO products via the website, you agree to these terms and conditions;
• OmYmO have the right to change these terms and conditions if we deem this necessary.

3. Offer
• We provide a complete, accurate description of the products we offer;
• If our offer contains obvious errors and mistakes, we are not obliged to maintain that offer;
• With every offer that you accept, you will receive clear information about your and our rights and obligations;
• Sometimes an offer is only valid for a limited period, or specific conditions apply. If that is the case, we will state that clearly.

4. Agreement
• The moment you accept one of our offers and all conditions for the offer are met, an agreement will be concluded between you and OmYmO;
• If we receive a notification through our website or email address that you accept an offer from OmYmO, we will immediately send you a confirmation of receipt. We will use the email address you provided when you completed your order. You are responsible for providing the correct email address. As long as you have not received our confirmation of receipt, you can still cancel the agreement;
• To make sure that you will be able to meet your payment obligations, we have the right to request information about your financial capacity. We also have the right to request information about other facts and factors that are important for entering into the agreement with you in a responsible manner. When doing these checks, we will of course comply with the legal regulations in the relevant area. If the results of the investigation give us substantiated reasons, we can refuse the agreement, an order or an application or attach special conditions to it, stating reasons;
• Upon delivery of the product you ordered, you will receive the following information by post or email:
o The registered address of OmYmO where you can file complaints;
o Information about the reflection period during which you can cancel the purchase;
o The standard withdrawal form to make use of the right of withdrawal;
o Information about warranties and existing after-sales service;
o Information about prices of products, including all taxes;
o Information about the delivery method.

5. VAT and other taxes
All prices shown on our website include VAT. If we send an order to a delivery address outside the EU, we will deduct the VAT on checkout. However, in that case you may owe import duties and taxes that must be paid upon delivery of the shipment to the specified delivery address. You are responsible for the payment of these import duties and taxes. As these costs differ per country, we cannot give an indication. We do not have any influence on these taxes. If you want to know what import duties and taxes you may owe, it is best to contact your local customs authority.

6. Payment
To pay for your purchase at OmYmO you can use the following secure payment methods:
• Credit card. During the ordering process you must enter your credit card number and the expiration date of your credit card. Make sure you enter exactly the same name as on the credit card, otherwise we cannot approve the payment;
• iDeal: if you have a Dutch bank account, you can use iDeal. iDeal is a joint initiative of the Dutch banks. It is a reliable payment method that is connected to common online banking systems.

You are bound by the terms and conditions of the payment platform that you have chosen for your payments. We have no influence on these terms and conditions and cannot be held liable for their content.

7. Delivery
• Shipping costs will be calculated upon delivery address. For shipping to all countries outside the European Union and for purchases under € 50 we calculate the shipping charge.
• The delivery times are mentioned on the website (delivery period, delivery times on working days, shipping date, etc.). You should see this as an indication. The delivery times are not definitive or guaranteed due to the fact the offered products are print on demand items, on average they range between 4-9 working days;
• As a buyer, you are responsible for the correct specification of the delivery address. If something goes wrong with the shipment of an order because you made a mistake when entering the delivery address, we are not responsible for (partial) loss of the shipment. If a delivery address is not clear, we will contact you to provide additional information. This may cause some delay in the delivery;
• We will make reasonable efforts to deliver the order within the expected delivery time to the delivery address. However, we are not liable for any delays in the delivery of an order;
• If the delivery of the product you have ordered is delayed, or if the delivery cannot be carried out or can only be carried out partially, we will inform you as soon as reasonably possible. In that case you have the right to terminate the agreement free of charge;
• If the ordered product gets damaged or lost before the moment of delivery at the delivery address, that is at our risk, unless we have explicitly made other agreements with you;
• When you receive a product that you have not ordered, you must inform us as soon as possible (within 24 hours after receiving the order) via the contact form on our website. We will inform you about how to return the product to us. You will be responsible for the return shipment. We will pay for the costs of returning the product and will ensure that the correct product is sent to you if still in stock. In the event that the product is not in stock, we will return your money. A precondition for this is that you have fully complied with our return shipment instructions;
• If you receive a damaged or incomplete product, please contact OmYmO customer service within 24 hours after receiving the order. Our customer service can be reached via the contact form on our contact page. Do not attempt to repair the damaged product yourself or return it on your own initiative, but wait for instructions of our customer service. If you return a product without having consulted our customer service about this, you cannot reclaim from OmYmO any costs made or hold us responsible in the event of problems with respect to the return shipment;
• It is possible that an order we shipped to you gets lost, or that we receive a notification of you that you have not received the order. The carrier is responsible for the correct delivery. The carrier will therefore handle your complaint and investigate why you did not receive the delivery. The track & trace data and other carrier data will be checked. As a buyer you are obliged to fully cooperate with the carrier’s complaints procedure. OmYmO will only take action once the outcome of the carrier’s complaints procedure becomes known. If it appears that the shipment was lost due to an error by the carrier, we will reimburse you for the amount you paid or we will send you the ordered product again if the product is still in stock;
• If a shipment has not been delivered to the delivery address you specified or to a pick-up point within 21 days of the shipping date, you must notify our customer service within 14 days by e-mail (this means no later than 35 days after the shipping date).

8. Trial period and termination
• Unless stated otherwise, you have a trial period of 14 days following receipt of the order during which you have the right to terminate the agreement and to return the order without having to give a reason. This is called the right to withdraw. Please note the exceptions described above: if you receive a product that has not been ordered or if you receive a damaged or incomplete product, you must notify OmYmO’s customer service by email and wait for further instructions;
• If you decide not to purchase and want to make use of the right to withdraw, you must report this to us within the reflection period. Use the standard withdrawal form that was sent together with the delivered product. You can also send us an email or letter to inform us that you cancel the purchase;
• The return address for returns during the trial period is: OmYmO B.V., Beethovenlaan 24, 2151 XT Nieuw-Vennep, The Netherlands. Also see: https://www.OmYmO.com /returns;
• You can only exercise the right to withdraw if you unpack, handle and inspect the ordered product in the trial period as would be permitted in a physical store and to the extent necessary to determine whether you want to keep the product. As long as you are not sure yet whether you want to keep the product, you must not actually use it. In addition, you must handle the product with care and keep it in its original, undamaged packaging. This concerns the packaging of the product itself, not any cardboard boxes or envelopes used for the purpose of shipping;
• If you let us know in the trial period that you will cancel the purchase and terminate the agreement, you must return the ordered product to OmYmO within 14 days thereafter, including all (any) accessories, in its original condition and packaging. You will find the exact return instructions that you must adhere to on the packing slip;
• If you return the ordered product, you are responsible for the return shipment and you bear the risks associated with it. Therefore, make sure that you have proof that it was returned in a timely and correct manner. We strongly recommend you to return the product sealed (in sealed packaging) and insured (by registered post or insured mail service). You then have proof that you have taken care of correct shipment. In the event the return shipment gets lost or damaged or the receipt of a return shipment is denied, you will have proof to hold the carrier liable. As the sender of the return shipment, this will enable you to start a complaint procedure for any problem that may occur with the return shipment. Therefore, keep the (official, digital) receipt with the track&trace information of the return shipment;
• The shipping costs for the return shipment are at your expense. OmYmO will not reimburse these costs;
• If all withdrawal requirements have been met, we will refund the amount you paid for the purchase in to the account used for the original payment. We will do this as quickly as reasonably possible and in any case within 14 days after receiving the return shipment. We will not reimburse the shipping costs of the return shipment;
• Do you want to terminate the agreement with OmYmO before you have received the order, but after the product has left the OmYmO warehouse? In that case you will also be responsible for the return shipment and will need to pay the costs of the return shipment yourself. Please note! On working days we usually ship the product immediately after you have placed your order;
• If the delivery address you have specified is in a country that charges import taxes, duties or (administrative) customs fees for importing, those costs will be borne by you. When these were credited to the buyer, OmYmO will deduct the import taxes, duties and/or (administrative) customs fees insofar as this will be the case.

9. Warranty and repair
• If you purchase a OmYmO product, the OmYmO warranty will automatically apply. We offer a one-year warranty on our products. With this warranty, you – the buyer – will have the guarantee that the product meets the requirements of usability, reliability and its life span;
• The warranty does not apply in the following cases:
o Theft or loss;
o Deliberate damage;
o Damage resulting from improper use such as scratches, bumping and falls;
o Normal wear or aging of the materials used;
o Damage as a result of improper handling of the product.

• If defects occur or come to light after you have started using the product, please contact us via the contact form on our website.
• Do you have any questions about our return and/or warranty policy? Please contact customer service via the general contact form on this site;

10. Personal data and privacy
OmYmO will comply with the privacy rules as laid down in the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). This means that as a buyer you always have the right to view, change or remove your personal data. You can do so by logging into your account on our websites.

OmYmO will store your data in a file. The data is used to process your order and is kept for as long as necessary to handle any problems with processing the order. OmYmO guarantees that all personal information will be handled with care. Your personal data will not be shared with third parties, except for processing your order or for repair purposes. OmYmO may also use your data to bring our products to your attention.

11. Applicable law
These terms and conditions are subject to Dutch law. However, as a customer you can also rely on mandatory legislation that applies in your own country of residence. Disputes between you and OmYmO will be submitted to the competent court in Amsterdam.
You can download and print our general terms and conditions here:

Contact us at sales@omymo.com for questions related to refunds and returns.